KESSEN – Three divisions under one sustainable roof.

For us, the creation of sustainable living space is more than just a goal. Instead, we consider it an obligation to nature and to all of us. That is why we create living and working space that does not function at the expense of nature, but in harmony with it, if possible. We therefore support and demand the expansion and optimization of ecological and sustainable living. In doing so, we also focus on significantly increasing the use of renewable energies. This central theme runs through all our projects and planning and is the only way for us to give a green light to the environment and our projects under a holistic approach. The resulting additional obligations for us represent the core tasks of each individual project:

  • We acquire land and properties and create KfW40+ compliant living space
  • We invest in renewable energies, primarily in solar technology
  • We invest in sustainable business models, support start-ups and innovations focusing on viable partnerships

As the CEO and initiator, Josef Kessen has extensive skills and the required expertise to achieve these ambitious goals.


Josef Kessen

”I see myself as the initiator and promoter of innovative and sustainable business models in the area of renewable energies and energy-efficient properties. To generate maximum synergy effects between these fields, I am always open to invest in innovative energy projects.”

For more than 35 years, Josef Kessen has worked as an entrepreneur in the real estate industry, as an architect, graduate engineer specialized in structural engineering and previously as a building expert. What drives him first and foremost is the aim to achieve harmony between modern properties and sustainable energy generation. To make a difference in this area as an entrepreneur, he founded a company in the USA in 2010 and started his activities in the area of renewable energies with primary focus on solar technology. With KESSEN, he pursues his vision of joining diverse skills for the development and expansion of energy-efficient properties and renewable energies under one roof by using innovative technologies.


Living space according to the KFW40+ Standard.

In the property area, we focus on sustainability during the development, construction and renting of residential property across Germany. In doing so, we comply with the strict German building energy standard KFW40+. Our goal is to continuously build a portfolio of premium properties. We thus promote sustainable, energy-efficient living, create jobs, save valuable resources and operate as a reliable, environmentally responsible partner.

This allows us to build a future-proof property portfolio whose dependency on fossil fuels has been reduced to a minimum, enabling us to make an important contribution to the energy transition.


Sustainable energy supply with a focused approach.

At an early stage, we realized that solar technology would be one of the main pillars of the energy transition and have therefore concentrated our activities in this area. We thus make a successful contribution to the expansion of renewable energies.

Drawing from our holistic experience in the planning, realization and implementation of photovoltaic projects of any size, we are the partner for your plans. We can offer you advise from the conception and development of innovative business models through to the final implementation of solar energy projects. And should you request this, we can also complete individual stages or even the entire project together with you.


Investor and active partnerships.

We see ourselves as investor and business partner for all sustainability-minded entrepreneurs and start-ups.

  • Support of innovative and sustainable business ideas.
    We accompany you from the founding concept and financing through to the implementation
  •  Involvement as an active partner and financial investor in sustainable projects.

Achieve your sustainability goals by building on our many years of expertise and our endeavor to promote climate protection, energy-efficient living and solar technology and make these true focus areas. We are your partner for content-related, technical and economic questions and accompany you actively on every step of your project as equals.

Aside from financial support, you will also benefit from our extensive international competence network. We look forward to learning about your project and starting a long-term cooperation with you.



We are looking forward to your message. We usually respond within 24 hours.

Managing Director: Josef Kessen

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